Reduce your electricity costs with LED lighting


Calculate how much electricity, how many US Dollars, and CO2 you can save by changing your old, standard light bulbs with our new LED bulbs.

Fill out the following form to get your savings. The price per kWh is an estimate, you can find your exact price from your electricity provider.

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Things to consider about the results: The average CO2 emission per kWh is 550 gram - depending on the type of electricity production.


Standard Bulb LED
Investment: USD xxxxx USD xxxxx
Bulbs changed: xxxxx bulbs xxxxx bulbs
Maintenance cost: USD xxxxx USD xxxxx
Electricity cost: USD xxxxx USD xxxxx
Total cost: USD xxxxx USD xxxxx
Total savings: USD

Graph illustrating costs:

The following graph shows the total costs. The lowest line shows the cheapest solution. When the two lines cross paths then you have already achieved full return on your investment.

Year 0
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6
Year 7
Year 8
Year 9
Year 10
USD 2000
USD 4000
USD 6000
USD 8000
USD 10000
USD 12000
USD 14000
USD 16000
LED costs
Standard bulb costs

De rå data:

Electricity consumption Purchase of bulbs Total savings
Year LED bulb Standard bulb LED bulb Standard bulb Electricity US Dollars CO2
144 kWh511 kWh USD 0 USD 0467 kWh USD 114257 kg CO2
244 kWh511 kWh USD 0 USD 320934 kWh USD 1420514 kg CO2
344 kWh511 kWh USD 0 USD 3201402 kWh USD 2725771 kg CO2
444 kWh511 kWh USD 0 USD 3201869 kWh USD 40311028 kg CO2
544 kWh511 kWh USD 0 USD 3202336 kWh USD 53371285 kg CO2
644 kWh511 kWh USD 0 USD 3202803 kWh USD 66431542 kg CO2
744 kWh511 kWh USD 0 USD 3203270 kWh USD 79491799 kg CO2
844 kWh511 kWh USD 0 USD 3203738 kWh USD 92542056 kg CO2
944 kWh511 kWh USD 1192 USD 3204205 kWh USD 93682313 kg CO2
1044 kWh511 kWh USD 0 USD 3204672 kWh USD 106742570 kg CO2