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Our services

We at ZYTECH LED US provide A-class products to all our customers. As each of our products is warranted you can expect to find the most effective ones. We focus at providing energy saving solutions as per the clients' requirements. We believe in providing lighting products that save money, save CO2 emissions and save maintenance as well.

Our products are all sophisticated and provide highest quality assurance. Be it road & street lighting, decorating lighting, industrial lighting or traffic lighting, you will always find the best and most effective solutions from us. Each of our lighting solutions is highly satisfying and beneficial to the environment as well.

Being one of the primary service providers, we offer you exclusive range of LED lights as per industry standards. Our range of energy saving lights not only offers brightness but creates an overall different ambiance. The superior features like energy saving and lower power consumption have made our products easily reachable to the consumers.

We develop next generation LED lamps and luminaries with efficiency. Our environmental friendly products are made in order to provide latest technology lighting solutions.

Each of our products is individually tested by the top lighting laboratories. Our services are dedicated to the commercial, industrial, educational, retails, consumer and medical sectors. We take pride in distributing and manufacturing wide array of LED lighting solutions to several countries. No matter what, we at Zytech help you make a brighter future.

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• Unparalleled quality

• Unparalleled savings

• Unparalleled durability