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Switch to LED

Summary: If you are wondering why everybody is switching to LED Light Bulbs then read the article below to know the main reasons.

Nowadays LED lights have become a huge rage in most households. But still there are many people who wonder what is so wonderful about these lights. Are you among them who still ponder about this question? Then you must familiarize yourself with the main reasons as to why you too should be switching to LED Light Bulbs.

LED Light Bulbs have a long lasting life

These bulbs do not have filament to burn out or break and hence it can last for more than 100,000 hours without displaying their actual age. They can last for more than a decade at their full brightness. The lifespan of these LED bulbs are twice as much as that of the usual fluorescent bulbs and 20 times longer in comparison to incandescent bulbs.

LED Light Bulbs saves energy

80% of energy is lost in an incandescent light to heat. Hence, only 20% is left for light. However, in LED bulbs you can turn this figure around. So, basically you will have a bare minimum of 20% heat loss. Moreover, they function at 10-20% of the power needed for incandescent bulbs. Hence, switching to LED bulbs will also be a better choice.

LED bulbs are more multihued.

These bulbs come in a wide variety of colors. It does not require any extra filters that bring the production costs down. They also offer a brighter, truer color in comparison to a filtered bulb.

LED bulbs do not make any noise.

With the LED bulbs coming into the market the use of humming bulbs came to an end. Hence, you don't need to be concerned about listening to any kind of sounds that is emitted from different other types of bulbs.

Switch to LED

These Bulbs are extremely safe.

Since very little energy is lost because of heat and very little uses overall these bulbs remain cool. This will ensure no burnt down houses or burnt fingers. These are highly durable because of their solid-state construction. Hence, there will not be any reason for broken glass also.

LED bulbs are found to be much focused

You will find that without the use of extra lenses or reflectors LED bulbs stay extremely focused. This means same light beam at lower cost. So, who wouldn't be keen on switching to LED?

They are ideal when you want to dim your lights.

Colors are retained when LED bulbs are dimmed in comparison to incandescent bulbs which turn yellow.

LED bulbs are versatile.

Because of the wide variety of shapes and colors LED bulbs are replacing most other types of bulbs. Their size and power saving nature open new possibilities that are preferred by many people.

LED bulbs bring light fast.

These LED bulbs light up to their brightest in just a microsecond. Hence, it is a much better choice when reaction time is an issue. For example: brake lights.

These bulbs have a brighter future.

LED bulbs don't have mercury, like other bulbs do. Taking that into consideration they outlast other energy efficient bulbs hence making it the best choice. So now that you have understood, switching to LED is the best thing to do.