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LED Audits

We all know that LED lights are the direct replacements for CFL (fluorescent) lamps, conventional incandescent and halogen lamps. Light emitting diodes are made to distribute higher lumens /-watt, which means considerable energy savings after switching the lights. Designed in wide range of colors from cool white to warm white, LED lightings deliver long life.

At ZYTECH LED US, we believe that measurement is the root to Management. Our LED energy audit report will show you the amount of money you can save after using our LED Lighting Products. It is our auditor who would make a detailed investigation of your lighting areas and provide you the accurate report. He would compare the energy consumption of the current traditional lighting with that of the present lighting energy expenses and then accordingly explain the retrofit LED lighting solutions.

We provide our clients with quality LED energy audit report. Our professional and expert auditors guarantee quality auditing. Our confident service would reduce the power consumption at your place by 50% - 90%. Just give us the chance to analyze your existing lighting energy requirements and see what you receive. As we have a proper knowledge of the incentive and energy rebate programs, we can certainly fix up your problem. Let our efficient auditors help out your business to receive the best energy saving solutions.

Get in touch with us today and receive the most efficient and profitable services! We promise you that our recommendations and advices would reduce your electricity bills and decrease the maintenance expenses as well.